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Gärsnäs AB is a family-owned company with its own furniture factory and headquarters in the village of Gärsnäs in Österlen, Skåne. Since 2003, the company is owned and managed by Anna and Dag Klockby, as well as Åke Axelsson, Anna’s father, interior architect and furniture maker, known for his numerous interiors and chair designs over a career spanning 60 years. Åke’s first chair for Gärsnäs, S-217, was designed back in 1963. Some 57 years later, it remains in production; a record in sustainability that will be hard to beat. He has also designed many of our bestsellers: Light & Easy, Akustik, Gästis, etc.
Gärsnäs was founded in 1893 and initially made period furniture for homes in Skåne. The timber came from nearby forests. After the second world war, the company adopted the modern Scandinavian style. From the mid-60s, production was increasingly geared towards furniture for public spaces, which became a Gärsnäs speciality being furniture for the public space.
In 2003, the factory was acquired by Åke Axelsson and Anna and Dag Klockby, and the brand has since grown and won great acclaim in Sweden and internationally.
Designers including Åke Axelsson, David Ericsson, Färg & Blanche, Nina Jobs, Pierre Sindre, TAF Arkitekter, Matti Klenell, David Regestam and many others provide Gärsnäs with exciting impetus.
Gärsnäs furniture is environmentally declared and approved by Möbelfakta’s criteria. We are also certified in accordance with ISO 14001.
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