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Act of Caring is sustainable, biodegradable, designed care and cleaning products, kind to nature.
Our core range is Material Care, with products for specific material types - Skincare for your objects.
The way we treat our skin we must treat our objects and materials in order to make them last.
We have developed caring products, kits and routines. For marble for example we have developed, a gentle non-toxic and biodegradable Restoring Marble Cleanser specifically made for marble and fine stone material with high PH value and a Protecting Marble wax, 100% natural without nasty minerals and nano particles that seals the pores and protect your stone. We have developed other Material Care products, for leather, wood and cutting-boards. Our care products are proposed as single product and as kits and we create Caring Routines on how to use the products.
We also have a Home Care, Workspace Care & Personal Care range.
If you would like to receive any questions, information (price, dimensions, designs), samples, photos or 3d-files, please email