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As per June 1st 2017, Suite Wood is the agent for the project market in the Netherlands and Belgium for Seletti.

Since its establishment in 1964, the company SELETTI has always distinguished itself with its tendency for innovative solutions in the area of household products. Due to changes in distribution and growing competitiveness in the market, in the last twenty years the company has carried out a thorough transformation, focusing on design and strength of italian creativity.
This transformation led to ideas and designs that have carried the brand into its present incarnations: that of a brand stands out for its personality, activity, challenges and constant research. As a result of unique combinations, references to the world of art and care for daily needs, Seletti products enter the homes of any consumers with fine tast, who like creating fun and personal life styles. 
Since 1988, SELAB is the laboratory that has been inspiring the creativity of the seletti brand. SELAB gives shape to the flow of ideas, believes in speed and the power of team work and in creative enjoyment. The target is to keep all ideas under constand pressure in a creative big-bang that reaches and spreads throughout project managers, graphic designers, production, collaborators and customers.
SELAB is the driving force of SELETTI's ideas, a creative laboratory always looking for products that deliver solutions, challenges and vital strength.Stefano SELETTI is the founder and leader of SELAB, and works together with his sister Miria, designer Alessandro Zambelli, Vittorio Boni and the BADINI CreaTeam STUDIO (and also collaborates from time to time with other designers).
“(r)evolution is the only solution.” 
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