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Maintenance Information General information





The construction is made from of a pair of glowing orbs poised between two slanted steel boards. The metal spheres seen on both sides have just the right density to counterweight the opposite part of the lamps’ weight. the overall structure is grounded by a black marble base.
397 mm (H), 533 mm (L), 140 mm (W)
Delivery time
2-4 weeks


Brass (Naval) Polished

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, with an attractive gold-like colour. Naval brass is premium grade, with the addition of 1% tin, which increases its resistance to corrosion while providing a stronger structure.  The surface is uncoated to embrace the natural patina that will develop over time. 
Brass has a tendency to oxidise quickly when exposed to air or direct contact with skin. Our brass is uncoated to embrace the oxidisation and resulting patina as a natural and beautiful part of the life of the brass product. As such, we do not recommend polishing. If however if you prefer to remove the patina, it is important to clean the brass using a brass polish such as Brasso, and to clean the entire surface at once. After cleaning, use a non-agressive, multipurpose cleaning solvent to degrease the product such as CT1 Multi-Solve, applied with a clean soft cloth. Do NOT use abrasives, ammonia, products containing ammonia, or any other corrosive cleaning solutions as this can damage the brass. Prevention is the best protection against surface scratches.

Marble Black

The black marble we use is Black Marquina, from the Basque country in Nothern Spain. This marble is dense black with white veins. Marble is a natural stone, thus each cut has individual colour and pattern variations. Marble is tolerant of direct heat, but it is softer and more porous than some stones and thus requires delicate care.
Our marble is honed to a beautiful matte finish then coated with a sealant to protect it from spillages, though any spills should be wiped clean immediately. For daily maintenance, use a soft dry microfibre cloth to remove dust. For wet cleaning, use a damp cloth and a pH-neutral cleaner designed for stone. Never use standard household cleaners or abrasives. Do not let vinegar or acidic foods come in direct contact with the marble as this will damage the surface. Periodically seal the marble with a suitable marble sealant. This should be done in response to the level of wear- approximately once every few years, though the best way to determine when to reseal is by splashing water on the surface - if it fails to bead up, then it is time to reseal. Sealing will protect against stains and damage, but please note that some sealants can change the appearance of your marble. The best protection against scratches is prevention. Always use coasters and mats to protect the marble from objects that may scratch the surface.

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