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Maintenance Information General information

Bowl Table






Ayush Kasliwal


Available in sustainably harvested natural, black stained or sirka grey stained mango wood with steel legs.
Small: d.40cm x h.38cm
Medium: d.46cm x h.52cm
Large: d.52cm x h.46cm
Extra Large: d.75cm x h.38cm
Delivery time
4 weeks depending on stock



Indian mango wood is sustainably and responsively sourced timber - once the productive life of the tree is over another one is planted to replace it. The finish on the wood is a lead free water based PU lacquer that respects the local environment.

Extreme heat and humidity can be harmful and create cracks to wooden furniture. Do not place the product in direct sunlight, near radiators or air conditioning vents, humidifiers, fireplaces, etc.
Always use coasters under hot objects, such as coffee pots and cups. In case of any spill clean immediately with a damp, lint-free cloth. Wipe dry with a dry, soft cloth in the direction of the wood grain. Should not be treated with soap or other cleaning agents unless recommended by professional, as it
could cause damaging of the wood. In case of any hard stain we recommend professional cleaning. Occasionally and when needed it is recommended to tighten screws. To clean soaped oak, lightly sand the surface with sandpaper grade 220 or 240. Then wipe with a dry soft cloth on the direction of the wood grain and apply the white soap following the wood grain.


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