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Maintenance Information General information

Tulip Family




De La Espada




Available in gold-plated steel, or textured matte black painted steel with a black or white lampshade. Gold-plating is 24 karat. Lampshade for 226M and 226F measures w.40cm x h.50cm (w.15 3/4" x h.19 7/10"). Lampshade for 226C measures w.40cm x h.34cm (w.15 3/4" x h.13 2/5"). Power cable runs through the lamp base and is coloured gold on gold-plated lamps and coloured black on black painted lamps. Cord length from bottom of lamp to the plug: 226C- 235cm|92 1/2"; 226F- 190cm|74 4/5"; 226M- 175cm|69". Non-dimmable switch is on the cable. Bulb E27 Edison screw, maximum 60W. Bulb not included.

Available Sizes
226C small    d.40cm x h.88cm
226F pinch    d.40cm x h.145cm
226M cone    d.40cm x h.164cm

Delivery time
9-11 weeks

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Steel Gold-Plated

Our gold-plated finish consists of a welded steel frame plated with gold, with the exception of the Pumpkin tabletop, which is solid brass, plated with gold. The gold finish is smooth and luxurious and requires specific care.
For regular cleaning, first remove dust with a feather duster or similar. Use Windex or similar spray cleaner, followed by a soft, lint free cloth. Over time, the surface may become dull. To restore shine, please use the following procedure: Apply a small amount (approximately one teaspoon) of Plaster of Paris to a soft clean cloth. Use the cloth to rub the plaster into the metal surface. Continue rubbing until shine is restored. Wipe the excess with a soft clean cloth. If further cleaning is desired, a soft polishing cloth made specifically for gold may be used. Avoid using abrasive polishing cloths as they may damage the surface. NEVER use harsh abrasives, bleach or cream cleaners. Note that gold-plating is a very thin layer - 200 times thinner than standard printer paper - so the use of abrasives over time can remove the plating, revealing the steel underneath. The best protection against surface scratches is prevention.

Steel Painted

A dry coating of coloured powder is applied to the steel using static electricity. It is then cured under heat until an even, glossy surface is achieved. The result is a very hard, durable surface with an appealing, even colour.
Maintenance requires periodic cleaning with a damp cloth. Always wipe dry afterwards. Prevention is the best protection from surface scratches.


Steel options