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Picture Erik Boogerd

Erik Boogerd

We discovered and developed Suit’d® Suits, universal outlet covers made from real natural materials to cover build-in electrical systems. It is a highly graphical product – with an overall iconographic appearance, that is designed to reduce the visibility of synthetics in the interior. Our brand is Suit’d® and we named our covers ‘Suits’.
The difference between our product and other brands is that our model covers the entire outlet core and replaces the outer plastic or ceramic ring that most of the brands worldwide have. The functional part of the original product is not harmed in any way, only the view is made different as our products are entirely made from natural materials.
During the earlier stages in prototyping we already strived to reduce the general waste and developed a model that can been seen as the most sustainable and responsible suited way for production of these Suits. Our goal is to manufacture green and clean products and aim to avoid the use of toxic or other damaging materials, also by involving the crowd. Because we love to make durable designed products that can go a long way and all input always is welcome!
Although the manufacturing of wooden Suits is different than the stoneware based tiles, the guidelines are the same. We cooperate with suppliers who aim for clean production for our specified materials (see ‘Products’ page). Their materials are sawn at our production facility towards raw products and after polishing the Suits are being sprayed with bio-based oil or varnish for maximum protection. Direct and indirect waste from wood fibers are recycled in the production of bio-based burning bricks. In case of the stoneware Suits we developed a way to bake these tiles with all the specifications inside that are required to ensure a durable and balanced product.
The stoneware we use is a clay based natural material that comes from Dutch soil and we manufacture these tiles with a traditional porcelain factory in The Netherlands. We are proud to offer you besides multiple glazed tiles in many fresh colors also transferized ceramic and original hand painted Delft Blue tiles. The tradition of Delft Blue date back till the 17th century and the art of making have been past on for many generations. Together with our painters we offer you authentic designed and hand painted premium Dutch ceramics. In our believe a beautiful and outstanding design process which is perfect to combine with our sustainable solution.
- Erik Boogerd, director at Suited Products.